Lords of Light

5 Sarenith 4712

Session #1

The Gul’Farom tribe in the Vixis valley are a strong, proud tribe of Kellid warriors. A young druid, Nox, and an elven fire mage, Rolthir were tasked by tribal leader Elder Kora’Mol to capture 6 live badgers for the Trials of the Lightbringer during the upcoming Ritual of Stardust. This is a chance for Nox to bring glory to her tribe, as only males may participate in the Trials. It is also a change for Rolthir to impress Kora’Mol, as he seeks the Elder’s permission to enter the tomb of Brelar Darheek in Irog.

Realizing capturing, managing and transporting 6 live badgers was beyond the ability of just 2 people, Nox set off to gather her friends, Kartos, Feldryn and Absylon for assistance. The party set out for a forested area southwest of the village to begin their hunt. Thanks to Feldryn they were able to track some badgers to their den, using a combination of small game and smoke, they were able to trap the creatures. Setting camp for the night, everyone’s sleep was rudely interrupted by a group of goblins who attacked! Even though they were caught unaware the clownish goblins were no match for the group, with Nox’s roc companion crushing the skulls of 3 of the beasts himself with his powerful beak! The next day, hunting proved even more successful with the party capturing 4 more badgers including 2 dire badgers! As a challenge Rolthir was put on the spot and goaded into capturing a dire badger single handedly, proving to the Kellids that he was indeed a worthy companion.

Returning to Kora’Mol, Nox was praised for her quick work in capturing all 6 creatures. The honor to Gul’Farom for brining 2 dire badgers to the Ritual will spread quickly among the participants. Nox was then tasked with the care and feeding of the creatures until it is time for their role in the upcoming Trials. In only a few short weeks the Ritual of Stardust and the Trials of the Lightbringer will begin!



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