Campaign Timeline

Age of Darkness

??? Long before Numeria’s recorded history, perhaps even before the Age of Darkness, the local Kellid tribes witnessed one of the strangest events in Golarion’s history: a metal mountain falling from the sky in a great fireball. This strange mass, a colossal vessel from the darkest reaches of outer space, broke up in Golarion’s upper atmosphere and cascaded down to earth in what the tribes call the Rain of Stars.
–5293 Earthfall. The Starstone tumbles to Golarion, creating the Inner Sea and kicking off a thousand years of darkness. Azlant and Thassilon are destroyed. The elves depart Golarion via the Sovyrian Stone or retreat into the far north, the southern jungles, or the Darklands.

Age of Enthronement

896 Aroden mortally wounds the wizard-king Tar-Baphon on the Isle of Terror at the center of Lake Encarthan.
2497 The demon Treerazer begins his perversion of the forests of Kyonin.
2632 The elves return en masse to Golarion via the Sovyrian Stone in Kyonin.
3203 Tar-Baphon returns to life as the Whispering Tyrant. The lich king unifies the orc hordes of Belkzen and terrorizes central Avistan.
3827 The Whispering Tyrant is imprisoned in Gallowspire.
4307 The Pathfinder Society is founded in Absalom.

Age of Lost Omens

4606 Aroden dies, leaving the Empire of Cheliax without a divine mandate. The Eye of Abendego forms off of Garund’s northwestern coast, drowning the nations of Lirgen and Yamasa. The Worldwound opens in the north, consuming the barbarian kingdom of Sarkoris. Storms wrack the Inner Sea region for several weeks.
4638 Drezen falls to Worldwound demons. The Second Mendevian Crusade begins.
4709 A monstrous metal scorpion capable of spitting fire from its mouth and tail destroys several villages in western Numeria — the beast retreats into the Felldales after harvesting dozens of living prisoners.


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