Lords of Light

24 - 29th Sarenth 4712
Session #5

Session 5 happened.

23 Sarenth 4712
Session #4

Session 4 happened.

21 - 23 Sarenth 4712
Session #3

Session 3 happened.

20 Sarenith 4712
Session #2

All four tribes of the Vixis valley gathered in the open plains to being the Trial of the Lightbringer to determine who would win the hand of Princess Nirra. Following the day of celebration and the sunset Ritual of Stardust, Nirra’s father, Elder Kori’Meka addressed the gathered Kellids as part of the ceremony. During this address a stone giant appeared, his enormous right hand wrapped in a white cloth and followed by a smaller giant. The stone giant introduced himself as Kerg, and claimed the birthright of his son, Korjun to be able to participate in the Trial. As the Trail is open to all ‘sons of the valley’, the Elders quickly conferred and begrudgingly welcomed Krojun to join the Trial. Kartos, however, openly welcomed Korjun as a fellow warrior and participant to the Trial. Each Elder’s personal picks were introduced: Robern of Irog, Tane and Adund of Tekar, Marigara of Gul’Farom, and Dulfa and Gilsi of Dewur. Besides Absylon, Kartos, Feldryn, Rothir and Korjun, was a strange last minute addition of Akrem of Dewur.

Nirra addressed the Lightbringer candidates and informed them that the first test would be a test of archery. Each candidate would take a shortbow and try to score as many points as possible with 3 arrows. Out of the 12 entrants the top 9 would move on to the second test. Both Absylon and Akrem scored very well, Marigara, Kartos and Feldryn faired well, and the others did well enough. Robern, Dulfa and Krojun however did not move on to the second test. Akrem oddly chose to use his own shortbow rather than one provided.

In the second test, the 9 remaining warriors would have to climb across a rope maze without falling to the ground and then race into an arena and defeat one of the badgers collected by Gul’Farom. Only the 6 who got kills would move on to the third test. The climbing portion posed quite a struggle for Rothir, Akrem and Gilsi.

In the third test, the 6 warriors were challenged to complete a puzzle, the first 4 to complete it would move to the forth and final test. Many supernatural happenings transpired, Adund’s puzzle pieces were scorched by fire at one point, and Marigara stopped working on his puzzle to take a swing at his tribe-mate Kartos! In the end neither were able to recover and the final test was set with Absylon, Kartos, Feldryn and Tane remaining!

The final test involved digging up a buried hand axe, then trying to climb up a greased pole to cut through a leather strap which held a skymetal ring. The first person to retrieve the ring would win the title of Lightbringer and the hand of Nirra! Feldryn got out to a quick start, and Absylon who had passed many of the trials to this point with ease seemed to have the most difficulty of anyone digging up his axe. Kartos was only a few steps behind Feldryn but was unable to pull him off the pole before Feldryn was able to cut the ring free. Realizing he was unable to best Feldryn, Kartos dropped off the pole, leading a chant of Feldryn’s name as he finished cutting through the strap!

Thus began much celebration as Feldryn was named the Lightbringer! Pesh milk flowed freely and there were no hard feeling between any of the warriors. Elder Kora’Mol was extremely proud that Gul’Farom showed so strongly fielding 3 of the final 4 contestants. Though at the beginning of the Trial Kora’Mol made no secret of his opinion that Marigara would win, he was genuinely proud of Feldryn’s victory.

Feldryn knew something of Akrem’s family, and knew that the Kellid was never seen without a finely crafted longbow which was passed down from this great-grandfather. The fact that he competed so well with his own shortbow raised some suspicions. Kartos and the others went looking for him but he was nowhere to be found. Even stranger behavior from the Kellid as there was no shame on any of the competitors, they were expected to celebrate the victory of their brother Feldryn.

Nox suggested sending the roc, Bok to search nearby for Akrem. Absylon convinced her to allow him to tie a crystal trinket around Bok’s neck before the bird took flight. The bird was able to pick up a trail for Akrem on horseback riding south away from the celebration site. The party, minus Feldryn, rode off after Akrem quickly catching up to the wayward Kellid. Just as they rode up to close the final distance to the man, a clound of green, noxious gas blew up from the ground just in front of their horses making everyone already hopped up on pesh milk and adrenaline begin to vomit.

To be continued next session…

5 Sarenith 4712
Session #1

The Gul’Farom tribe in the Vixis valley are a strong, proud tribe of Kellid warriors. A young druid, Nox, and an elven fire mage, Rolthir were tasked by tribal leader Elder Kora’Mol to capture 6 live badgers for the Trials of the Lightbringer during the upcoming Ritual of Stardust. This is a chance for Nox to bring glory to her tribe, as only males may participate in the Trials. It is also a change for Rolthir to impress Kora’Mol, as he seeks the Elder’s permission to enter the tomb of Brelar Darheek in Irog.

Realizing capturing, managing and transporting 6 live badgers was beyond the ability of just 2 people, Nox set off to gather her friends, Kartos, Feldryn and Absylon for assistance. The party set out for a forested area southwest of the village to begin their hunt. Thanks to Feldryn they were able to track some badgers to their den, using a combination of small game and smoke, they were able to trap the creatures. Setting camp for the night, everyone’s sleep was rudely interrupted by a group of goblins who attacked! Even though they were caught unaware the clownish goblins were no match for the group, with Nox’s roc companion crushing the skulls of 3 of the beasts himself with his powerful beak! The next day, hunting proved even more successful with the party capturing 4 more badgers including 2 dire badgers! As a challenge Rolthir was put on the spot and goaded into capturing a dire badger single handedly, proving to the Kellids that he was indeed a worthy companion.

Returning to Kora’Mol, Nox was praised for her quick work in capturing all 6 creatures. The honor to Gul’Farom for brining 2 dire badgers to the Ritual will spread quickly among the participants. Nox was then tasked with the care and feeding of the creatures until it is time for their role in the upcoming Trials. In only a few short weeks the Ritual of Stardust and the Trials of the Lightbringer will begin!

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